Evaluation and Redesign of Storm Water Collection System for Howwara

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Saleh Ahmad
Burhan Jaradat
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Runoff means the draining of precipitation from a catchment area through a surface channel. It thus represents the output from the catchment in a given unit of time. Due to urbanization, runoff generation will be amplified.  Accordingly, it is essential to design an efficient storm water collection system to capture the increasing runoff generation associated with urbanization. Storm water collection system in the West Bank, Palestine is very old and not adequate to drain the accelerating runoff generation because of urbanization. This research project aims to evaluate the existing storm water collection system for Howwara town. For instant, the town facing frequent floods related problems where many parts of the town repeatedly flooded due an old and improper storm water collection system. This situation has compiled the dire need to assess and redesign the existing storm water collection system in the town so as get rid of all flood related problems. The proposed study will be of high benefit for the municipality of Howwara as such study never done before. To do so, StormCAD supported by GIS will be utilized. Project Objective This study aims to evaluate the existing storm- water collection system of Howwara town .In light of above; the following objectives will be achieved: 1. To design parts of the system which do not handle the increasing volume of runoff?   Selected study area   Howwara is located in the West Bank 9 kilometers south of the city of Nablus. It has a surface area of 2795 Dunums. Howwara has a varied topography with an average elevation of ground surface about 500 m above mean sea level. It has a population of about 5986 according to Statistics 2007.