Woman At The Qura`n Stories

dc.contributor.advisorDr. Muhsen Al-Khaldi
dc.contributor.authorHedab Mohammad Ahmad Al-Hussein
dc.description.abstractPraise be to Allah who has given us the honor of Islam , prayers and bless be upon the prophet of pity , who came carrying Quran from Allah to guide , to preach and worn . The research doesn’t be away of truth if she said that : one of the important features keeping the holy book ( Quran ) and the Sunna of the prophet (prayers and peace from Allah upon him ) . Those researches which concerned with sections of Quran and Sunna especially which play a great role in the reality of people , this role which is argumentative such as the woman subject , this creature who humaneness , so these laws described the woman as instrument or a servant for men , and also described her as the source of evil and a plague . But Quran replied these pretenses and showed that woman doesn't care to be a woman because she is similar as the man . God , Allah prefer people by devotion and by longing to what Allah will give them . The woman in the Quran narration is a believer or disbeliever or indefinite . As an example for the believer woman , Eve ( Adam's wife ) ( prayers and peace be upon him ) who Allah has created her from Adam himself and made her a human to live with in the heaven , but Adam and his wife had eaten from the forbidden tree by the whispers of devil : Then , did satan make them slip from the Garden , and them out of the state in which they had been .1) Adam and his wife believed devil and after obedience devil they came down after eating from the tree : We said Get ye down , all ( ye people )with enmity between yourselves on earth will be your dwelling place and your means of live hood for a time (2) . But the repentance came directory : Then learnt Adam from his lord word of inspiration and his lord turned towards him (3) And this what distinguishes and separates believers from others , so he has quick repentance and returns to God orders and isn't led by arrogance to more crime . (1) Al Baqra36(2) Al Baqra36(3) Al Baqra37 Another example for the believer woman is the king of Saba , who her news was taken to solmon , the son of David ( prayers and peace be upon them ) by the hoopoe : I have compassed ( territory ) which thou hast not compassed , and I have come to thee from Saba , with tidings with every requisite and she has a magnificent throne (1) But in addition to her rule and great throne, she believed God and followed his prophet . The research spoke about the character of the disbeliever woman in glorious Quran. The research only told us about the wife’s of lut and Noah ( peace be upon them ) , that the Quran evidence pointed to their disbelieving : God sets forth , for an example to the unbelievers. The wife of Noah and righteou servants , but they were false to their husbands , and they profited nothing Before God on their account ,but were told Enter ye the fire along with others that enter ! (2) The research remarked to the behavior of these two woman with their husbands , that means their treason which is treason of credit and to refuse the mission and to be away from the faith and belief. The research also spoke about some woman who were less mentioned classified with the believer woman such as Sara , the wife of peace be upon him wife Abraham ,( and some of the them was indefinite and weren’t described as the believer or not . So we must stop to discuss her matter such as the wife of ( the great ) Aziz with joseph ( peace be upon ;him ) and which caused prison for him then the truth manifested and the innocent appeared: (3) (Said the Aziz wife : N ow is the truth manifest (To all):it was I who sought to seduce him from his (true) self : He is indeed of those who are (ever) true (and virtuous) Then the research dealt with the Israel themes in explanation of Quran . The researcher talked about the date of which these stories came and about their motives, also how these stories came to our explanatory inheritance with explaining every point, then she listed some of the Israel stories and show their falseness and glorious Quran. The researcher also talked about so,e benefits and preaches which Muslims must conclude them from the Israel stories in the Nobel Quran explanation.en
dc.description.abstractالحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسوله محمد ومن صحبه ووالاه وبعد : - فقد تعرضت الباحثة لموضوع المرأة في القصص القرآني دراسةوبحثاً وتفسيراً فكان من الشخصيات المعروضة المرأة المؤمنة كحواءوآسيا وأم موسى ، والمرأة الكافرة كامرأتي نوح ولوط - عليهما السلام - , والمرأة التي قلّ ذكرها كامرأة العزيز وابنتي الرجل الصالح وامرأة أيوبالنبي الكريم - عليه السلام - ثم تعرضّت الباحثة للروايات الإسرائيلية في الشخصيات النسوية ، كلّ طائفةمنها على حدة وقامت بتفنيد الروايات والكشف عن كذبها بعد أن اتبعت سبيل التفسير الموضوعي في ذلك . وحرصت الباحثة على أن تجعل مدار البحث قائماً على استيضاح السنن الكونيةلله - عزّ وجل في خلقه وعلى تجميع تفاصيل القصّةوجزئياتها من المواضع المتفرّقة في كتاب الله لتشكل قصّة متكاملة ،واضحة المعالم ، دقيقة التسلسل ، وعملت الباحثة كذلك على إبراز ما قاد إليه الاستيضاح والتجميع من عظات وعبر تصلح أن تكون زاداً فكريا واجتماعياً واقتصادياً ودعوياً للفرد والمجتمع المسلم . وقدتركت الباحثة التفصيل في بعض الجزئيات المسكوت عنها في تلك القصص لعدم وجود دليل صحيح يدل عليها ولعدم جدواها إذ لو كانت ذات قيمةمهمّة لأوضح السياق القرآنيكنهها كوصف عرش ملكة سبأ ، ونوع الشجرة التي نهى الله تعالى آدمعن قربها،وفي بعضالجزئيات الأخرى حرصت الباحثة على دراستها بدقة والترجيح بينها وفق توارد الأدلة وقوّة الحجة ، ذلك لأن المعنى يتوقّف على معرفتها كالخلاففي شخصية شاهد امرأة العزيز،وكالخلاف في المراد بقوله تعالى (فَنَادَاهَا مِنْ تَحْتِهَا ) (آل عمران ( آية : 24 ) في قصة مريم- عليها السلام - وفي نهاية البحث ، تحدّثت عن الاسرائيليات وأثرها في كتب التفسير.ar
dc.titleWoman At The Qura`n Storiesen
dc.titleالمرأة في القصص القرآنيar
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