Multi-level Inverter

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Ibrahim, Anas
Hawasheen, Yazeed
Barri, Waleed
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Power electronic converters, especially DC/AC Sinusoidal selective harmonic elimination Modulation inverters have been extending their range of use in industry because of their numerous advantages. They typically synthesize the stair –case voltage waveform (from several dc sources) which has reduced harmonic content. This project aims to extend the knowledge about the performance of five and nine level Cascaded H-Bridge multi-level inverter topology. The output voltage is the sum of the voltage that is generated by each bridge. The switching angles can be chosen in such a way that the total harmonic distortion is minimized. Using multi-level inverter will obviate the use of filter. determining the benefits of using multilevel inverter, like reducing the THD and obviate the use of filter. The second part is talking about the working principle of only one inverter and the modulation techniques used for switching on/off the IGBTS to get the desired output. This project also concentrate on the analyses of power losses due to the harmonics and also due to switching losses in both five and nine level inverter, to illustrate the benefits of increasing the number of levels. This project illustrate the effect of harmonics in a single phase induction motor (capacitor start motor) the main effect of harmonics in electric machine is rising the temperature due to the increasing of power losses. Matlab Simulink used to illustrate this idea and also focused on torque ripple due to fifth and seventh harmonics. To solve the problem mentioned above, this project introduce a new idea (harmonic elimination method) to eliminate the harmonics or to reduce it as possible in order to decrease the power losses. Finally Arduino code used to generate the gate sequence for an improved model (after harmonic elimination method). In this project we also select the suitable components according to equations that developed by manufacturing companies.