Medicine Reminder Machine

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Suzan Samer Baarah
Rahaf Suliman Jumaa
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Most elderly people need to take their medicines at specific times throughout the day, so if sons are absent throughout the day, it may be difficult for them to keep track of their parents' medicine , also some elderly people may suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Additionally, in the case of epidemics, it may be difficult for the patient to communicate directly with people for fear of spreading infection, and he may forget his medication appointments due to fatigue. Due to these reasons, we designed our project to be a medication reminder machine. Project working principle : A machine which sets specific dates for giving the medicines at specific times according to the type of medicine needed throughout the day. Medicines are categorized by the admin based on the patient's medicines types and he also determines the doses of medicines. Each type of medicine has a specific disposal location, so that when the time for the medicine comes, the dose is dropped in its specified place, and this place is equipped with a sensor to make sure that the medicine has been taken from its place. Whenever the medicine was not taken, the alert is repeated to the patient after a short period, and at the end a message is sent to the admin to tell him the patient hasn't taken the medicine. This machine is also equipped with a place to get the water needed to take the medicine dose. It also contains a sensor for the presence of the cup so that if there is no cup, the water will not be filled, and there is also a sensor to alert the administrator When the amount of medicine or water in the tank is approaching