The Big Day: Wedding planner

The big day is an application to help Bride and groom to choose the appro priate hall, available appointments, decorating methods in an easy way. This project is important because it saves time and effort for them and it helps them to see all the options that are available. Our project covers the following aspects: Registration in the application via sign up screen is for 3 types of users: regular user, the owner of the hall and for admin. Every hall owner has profile , decorating options, and other information, and he is able to modify it. Regular user can view all the halls and make booking via a button in the halls’ profile, so he/she can see all reservations that are available and choose the best one to them. The user can see halls’ profile including the map for the hall and contact Information ,and he can choose from the decorating options that the hall provides, and everything he chooses increases his price over the total price. The user can open a chat with the owner of the hall to ask him anything. Also, he/she can search a hall according to price ranges, position and the capacity of the hall which is required. he/she can enter one or two or all of these filters. Admin can add or delete halls, make discounts, and general control of the application.