Vertical mixed-use building

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Vertical mixed use development allows for a combination of different uses within the same building. Typically, the lower floors contain commercial businesses while the upper floors are reserved for private uses. For example, the ground level may contain a retail store while middle floors contain professional offices. Upper floors then host apartment units or hotel rooms. Vertical mixed use developments are generally most successful when positioned around a central public space. Mixed use development in buildings around activity centers meets the goal of creating interactive streets, providing meaningful public spaces, and creating communities where people can live, work, shop, and play. The term most often refers to development that combines residential functions with commercial but can also refer to varied public amenities as well as cultural and institutional uses. Compare the requirements for a given mixed use space with the fire, energy, and building codes in a given area. The unique specifications of mixed use properties can run afoul of local mandates. While regulations governing their use can vary by locale, cities are adopting legal codes favorable to the development of mixed use properties.