Common Verbal and Nonverbal Communication amongst Professional Players in Palestinian Football League

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Jamal Abu Bshara
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This study is aimed at identifying the prevalence of the verbal and nonverbal communication amongst football players in the Palestinian Football League as well as the degree of communication in different playing situation. The methodology used for this study is based on a questionnaire distributed for (187) professional players for the season 2011/2012, the questionnaire covered three dimensions: verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and degree of communication. The results showed that the verbal communication was the mostly used of communication (78.4%), a medium level of nonverbal communication was used among players (68.2%), and there was a great deal of communication amongst the players at the various stages of playing (86%). In addition, the results showed minimal statistics regarding verbal communication amongst the professional players fully and partially and for the advantage of the fully professional ones. The researcher recommended that greater attention and focus should be given by the trainers to nonverbal communication (sign and body language) as part of the training strategy, by considering it as one fundamental element that contributes to the sport achievement.