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Abdulrahman Mahmoud
Ahmad Mehdawi
Mohammed Samara
Mahmoud Abu-Omar
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Changes in our life today are increasing more and more, which acquire high attention to do and resist these natural climatic and outside changes. Building needs many systems to make one of them the mechanical which is the desired one to be in the project. Ramallah Financial Tower deals and includes financial companies, Banks, stores, halls, parking and another offices, this means a lot of varieties so it is important to be done in a suitable way.As the mechanical system advanced than previous, Ramallah Financial Tower will interest in heating ventilation and air conditioning (heating and cooling by air system using boiler and chiller respectively), plumping system, firefighting system and drainage system. All of these will be done in the suitable places and a saving method.The main objective for this project to obtain a good usable place indoors, such as (HVAC) system to maintain temperature, humidity and solve trouble ventilation in closed areas. For plumping system used for obtaining clean and reachable water hot and cold all the time in every wanted place in the correct quantity. Drainage system for unclean water like water closets and others which will get rid of them by this system. Firefighting system to be in the safest areas for each one in the tower. So that all of these systems are compatible with each other. Nowadays, there are many advanced applications like under floor heating and cooling for heating can be hybrid by using boiler and solar cells, also using absorption cycle for cooling.This project had not been done before.