Fire Fighter

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Alaa Ajaj
Zeina Barboor
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This piece of work details the construction of a self-driven robot car for spotting and putting out fires in a chemical warehouse. The compact water-filled vehicle can travel throughout a scaled-down warehouse with dual chambers and a lengthy hallway thanks to its built-in sensors. It moves towards a fire by itself when it finds one where it triggers an alarm on board before using the water tank to extinguish it. Moreover, if gas is detected, an alarm is sounded, an air extractor is switched on and notifications are sent to the warehouse manager’s mobile through a dedicated app. This undertaking is about making provisions for instant responses to fire outbreaks and gas leak emergencies as a way of enhancing safety within chemical warehouses by speeding up and automating their control processes. This project is chosen to solve the natural dangers of managing chemicals in warehouses. This project is necessary as it can improve fire safety in chemical storage facilities leading to preventing catastrophic events like fires and explosions. We want to provide a new idea that will not only identify these fires early enough but also put them off quickly and efficiently by fixing modern sensors on a smart fire engine. This project needs several critical elements. It is necessary to come up with a strong sensor system that can sense gas leaks and fire outbreaks. There should be smooth cooperation between the sensor system, the fire truck, and the mobile application so that there are quick alerts and responses. Additionally, the vehicle should be self-governing and efficient in navigating to fires as well as putting them out to ensure effective emergency response. This project endeavors to provide a unique set of characteristics specifically designed for chemical storage environments even if there may be other firefighting systems and applications. What makes our solution different from any others is the fact that we have combined advanced sensor technology with autonomous vehicle navigation plus real-time monitoring capacities which take care of specific problems related to fire safety within warehouses storing chemicals.