3D Dynamic Analysis and Design of Nablus Club

dc.contributor.advisorIbrahim Mohammad Ahmad Arman
dc.contributor.authorOdai Joudeh
dc.contributor.authorBeesan Maree
dc.description.abstractNablus Sports Club is located in al-aghwar near Nablus. This location is selected in order to improve the activity and economy for this region, and to be away from the noise and away from routine of the city since that the project is located in a rural quite nice region.   The project consists of four floors and the total required area is about 9000 m2 as mentioned in the attached plans. The first floor is the basement, the area of this floor 1500 m2, and contain covered swimming pool with water depth of 1.5 meters. The second one is the ground floor with an area of   2310 m2,  contains of three structural parts and contain swimming pool (as the fourth structural part of this floor), third has an area of 1622.7 m2 and it  contains offices and training halls. The fourth floor has an area of 412 m2 and used as offices.   This project has many benefits:  It has all types of structures (reinforced concrete, steel structures and water structures) , economical  purposes, improve region's economy and activities, and Entrainment facility to serve large number of people.   The structure will be analyzed and designed for static and dynamic loads, manual methods will be used (generally in preliminary design) and software as Sap 2000 and Safe (generally in final design and details), and all of the required civil plans required for the execution will be ready.en
dc.title3D Dynamic Analysis and Design of Nablus Cluben
dc.typeGraduation Project
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