Olive waste press

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Mohammed Othman
Laith Nedal
Amro adwan
Mammon Hamada
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Abstract      About 30 thousand of oil make 120 thousand ton  of peat ,which equal 55 thousand ton of diesel which mean that Palestine has an oil well .but this time it's over ground ,which wait to be  discovered  In country like Palestine which suffer from lake of energy where 95 % come from outside, olive peat could cover some of people need. Then olive peat is the best alternative, in past year wood heater was so popular but even this way become expensive for some family, so we for a new way which available and cheap.  Olive peat collected as mountain in ragged form even if we want to use it difficult to store , use ,transport it , so the idea of peat press is jumped in our mind in simple word the press will change the peat from a ragged form to briquettes in compact size by this way we make storage and transport the peat more easy , we also do some favor to the environment where the peat give un ugly shaped for nature , and of course pressing peat give the chance for olive extractor to increase their profit by buying the peat . The presses consist from a power screw press with ram, where the peat thrown to the tank then it moved throw the belt which finally pressed to briquettes, if more profit is required a large facility with many big press is required.     In another challenge to the difficult living conditions of the Palestinians, and continued their quest to overcome them, we embodies as engineers the Palestinian defiance of the finest examples of the Palestinian bitter reality.  We resorted to the use of olive residues or know what substance "peat" for the production of alternative energy used by Palestinians in various areas, rather than limited to one area as it may know one another previously unknown.  With pressure the article "peat", which is a nuclei olive accord which extracts our project, which separates oil from the cores and the chaff, which was used by the Palestinians heavily until recently in the small home heating after drying.  We pointed out that we deliberately to provide a machine that pressure and dried peat this machine, and turn it from a neglected to fit a small cylindrical molds and tools of modern heating and cooking, and easy to use, clean and bread items.