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Agriculture has been the main driving sector in living generations for ages, and it is the necessary key to the survival of all living things. Plantations have allowed mankind to develop and grow. It would be the primary source of creating a healthier planet by turning the globe into a global greenery that emits pure oxygen and cleaner air. As a result, plantations, in addition to delivering renewable energy, have been the light bulb of this notion and the driving principle in developing a project that seeks to heal nature and the earth through agricultural plantations while also supplying renewable energy to Palestinian lands. A hub that serves as the heart and hub of natural plantation and renewable energy generation. Planting endangered species, providing acreage for agricultural research, and, most significantly, assisting Palestinian farmers in developing and equipping themselves with the necessary agricultural skills, experience, and information. This hub will work as a research center, specialized in various matters: a. Experiments on plantations. b. Development and seed bank. c. A farm development organization. d. Create large green landscapes in the Jordan Valley's semi-deserted areas to assist spread greenery on the map. e. Create agricultural galleries to attract people from all over the world to visit and experience the plantations and development of Palestine. f. Renewable Energy Generation; taking use of Palestine's hot environment by generating energy from the sun and wind, transforming it into an interconnected power and oxygen generator. Palestine is noted for its climate, which nourishes its lands with a diverse range of plants, as well as its potential to generate renewable energy. Despite this diversity, there is no specialist agricultural research institution dedicated to this topic. As a result, the idea for this initiative was born, with the goal of building a "Silicon Valley of Agriculture" in Palestine.