Smart Cane

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Walaa Hattab
Fayrooz Tayaah
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Visually impaired people consist of a large group of people in our society. Losing their eyesight has caused them inconvenience in performing daily tasks. Hence, smart cane had been developed in order to increase the life quality of a visually impaired person. The purpose of this project is to design a smart cane that helps visually impaired people and makes them self-reliance by:           Warning the visually impaired person of any obstacles in his way such as walls, holes and stairs using vibratory feedback. Where the intensity of the vibration will vary depending on how far away the object in front of the user.          Indoor and outdoor modes for setting detection range. * Indoor mode, for objects that are as far as 1 meter away are detected. * Outdoor mode, it can detect an object at a maximum distance of 2.5 meters.           Helping the visually impaired person to find the cane if it is lost from the user within the range of home, market or work, also this may help him to locate it when it has been dropped from his/her hand using small remote locator.          Helping the visually impaired people to go to a specific place safely, by giving the direction and distance to the destination using auditory feedback.            Providing LED indicator that helps the ordinary people to recognize visually impaired people in the dark.  
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