Firefighting Autonomous Mobile Robot

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ENGLISH SUMMARY OF THE PROJECT: Mechatronics Engineers use the integration of applied sciences to solve problems, concerning time and effort. Mobile robots are any vehicle that can be controlled. Tracked mobile robots are one of the main fields in mobile robots, because they can be used almost anywhere, they can be sent to mars and still work perfectly. The main goal of this project is to build a mobile robot that can be used indoor to stop the fires right after they started. This will save lives, reduce losses due to fire. This project deals with designing a firefighting robot, that will be a part of house, and responds to any fire detection quickly. The Special Engineering Project is based around the development of a robotic platform to deal with home fire. This report deals with the development of the Sensing and Control system to allow the robot to move around its environment, using Ultrasonic Sensors to detect obstacles, in addition, this design achieves autonomous climbing and descending of stairs to the purpose of firefighting. The Sensing and Control system receives instructions from the robot's Decision System, and passes sensor data back over the same channel. The project was a success, in that the Sensing and Control System met the specifications given, however there is significant space for improvement of the system. This graduation project satisfies the requirements of Mechatronics Engineering.