Smart Home

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Khaseeb, Aseel
Deek, Noor
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The smart home project, through which we seek to provide safety in the house and rationalize electricity consumption, where sensors are used to carry out some tasks, and the mobile application is used to control some things in the house, such as controlling the fan on and off, as well as controlling the water pump, room light and door lock We also use the flame sensor to sense if there is a fire in the house or not, and if there is a fire, it will be extinguished automatically with the water pump and calling the owner of the house to warn him of the matter We also used another PIR sensor and it is used for two things: the first is to find out if there is movement in the room and therefore the room is lit, and the second is to find out if there is movement in the house and the owner of the house is outside the house, and therefore the owner of the house will be contacted and warned of the presence of a thief in the house