Integrated Design Of Hotel

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Bara Al-Hamad
Mjdal Abu Gholmi
Hadeel khilfeh
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The project presents an integrative design of a Hotel in Tulkarm. There is no any hotel in the city of Tulkarm, despite the presence of many visitors and newcomers to it from all over the West Bank and Palestinian areas because they contain many recreational areas such as (MEGA Land, Al-Waha Land).  And do not find places to spend the night in that city to meet their needs. The hotel building will be designed in an integrated manner, which includes architectural, structural, electrical, environmental, mechanical, and safety aspects. This building is expected to be an environment friendly one. The architectural design takes into consideration the form and orientation of the building, and the appropriate areas for each part, which depend on the function of the building, and the environmental requirements. In the structural design, the structure will be designed using computer software; the analysis will include 3-D model, soil structure interaction, dynamic analysis, and seismic design. The HVAC, water, and sanitary systems will be designed according to international codes, which include energy and water conservation. In addition to that, the electrical design includes power systems, lighting and acoustical system. Finally, emergency exits, alarm system, and fire protection system will also be designed with full compliance with international codes for the public safety. At the end of second part (Project II), the report of the project will include schematic designs for architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems. In addition to that, the repot will include bill of quantities (BOQ) and specifications of materials used in building construction.