Nablus Music Academy

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Husein, Alaa
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Location The land on which the project is located is located in the area near Nablus on a hill below An-Najah National University - the new campus. Components of the project : The elements of the project were identified as follows: Introduction: Welcome to the project. Educational Section: It is the main and most important part of the project and contains classrooms and rooms Group and individual training in addition to library, exhibition and computer room. The Music Hall: includes the open runway, the closed theater, the theater auditorium, and a background The common theater is open and closed. Public services: cafeteria for students of the Institute and visitors to the theater. The initial idea of the project: The idea of the project is based on the design work of the college that attracts students to study music by providing Unusual facilities and buildings and an attractive musical environment. This can be achieved by designing a building derived from thought of rhythm, musical peace, and through The musical notes (notes) on the musical scale and the difference between them, which is the rhythm and what These tones are confined between lines on the musical scale The project between levels on the ground and arranged in a way that achieves rhythm and harmony also reflected It is also on the facades and visual vision so that the viewer can see this rhythm clearly.