Rehabilitation of qalqiliaya Electrical Network by adding a new connection point

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Eid, Ammar
farraj, Mahmoud
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The project aims to study the performance of Qalqiliya Electrical network and to add a new connection point in the south region of the city of Qalqiliya with a maximum capacity of 7MW from the electrical Israel Company. A load flow study and analysis for Qalqiliya Electrical network using ETAP software will be performed ,this will include original condition and determine the existing voltage , power loss and power factor , to see the effect of adding a new connection point to the network, improve the power factor , improve the voltage level and reduce the electrical losses in the network and suggest solution of adding capacitor banks and change tap changer and adding a new connection point and change the configuration (for example adding a Ring) and so reducing the penalties in the total tariff for the municipality and increasing the reliability of the network . To do that we will follow the sequence below: 1- Collect Data about Qalqiliya municipality. 2- Study the original condition. 3- Determine the exciting problems. 4- Compare the two conditions (with a new connection point and without connection point). 5- Economical study. 6- Give recommendations and conclusions.