Energy Efficiency Improvement for Al-Arz Factor

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Tayeh, Rawan
Al Assi, Diala
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Al-Arz factory is considered one of the biggest ice-cream producers in Palestine. It has a capacity of 8 million liters of ice-cream monthly, aiming to remain the leading ice cream producer in Palestine with a strong focus on expanding its market internationally. The factory has seven different production lines with huge electrical consumption. This audit was made to focus on the most important opportunities for energy saving. After measuring the factory consumption distributed on the compressors, boilers and refrigeration system, four main energy saving opportunities were found and suggested, which are changing electrical motors with energy efficient ones, improving LPG boiler efficiency by modifying excess air levels and improving boiler shell insulation, installing heat pumps for water heating applications instead of the 72 kW electric boiler, and modifying the refrigerators insulation. The total amount of estimated saving from each opportunity is 45,660 NIS, 10,005 NIS, 5,973 NIS, 15,272 NIS, 93,273 NIS per year respectively The energy audit was made using different equipment, starting with the energy analyzer to measure energy consumption of main electrical boards and production lines, to the infrared thermometer which finds out the temperature for any surface with a range of -50 ̊ C to 300 ̊ C. and finally, the combustion analyzer which was used to determine the boilers combustion efficiency, excess air and exhaust gases rates. It is expected to have a total savings of 170,183 NIS annually if the actions proposed in this audit were made