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Thara’ Shehadah
Omama Kittaneh
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Day after day, the development of life is increasing in different areas of life, and one of these areas is the field of programming and technology. Smart devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. The development of applications that facilitate our daily lives is very critical, especially given how fast our lives have become. This project aims to facilitate training for trainees in the gym with trainers from their homes. and to submit a form that matches his requests with little time and effort. The fit gym provides various services and features to trainees and coaches . From the gym side, it will be able to add a lot of information about it; manage the join requests; see some analysis; manage its own activities; add pictures; schedule daily training for each person, like : training dates, meal times and chat with trainees On the other hand, trainees can find the best gym that fits what they need by using the filtering feature . Also, they can fill out a form to join the fit gym , see the fit gym’s information, save some fit gym for later, and chat with the fit gym. Trainees can also give rates for the gym. There are not many applications similar to ours. However, there are applications similar to ours in some features, but they schedule appointments and times and adhere to them, which helps the person to arrive on time, away from the traffic jams in light of the crises that Palestine suffers from, in addition to avoiding congestion inside the gym, as all of this comes at the time specified. We developed and created this application using PHP (MySQL) and flutter