Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 49

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
After more than fifty days of war on the Gaza Strip, a long term ‎ceasefire agreement was reached ‎under the auspices of Egypt. Egypt ‎called upon both the Israelis and the Palestinians to abide by a ‎complete ‎ceasefire on both sides that will coincide with the opening of all crossings ‎between the ‎Gaza Strip and Israel. The ceasefire and the opening of the ‎crossings should facilitate the passage ‎of humanitarian and relief aids ‎and construction materials. The fishing zone will be open starting ‎from a ‎range of 6 nautical miles. Indirect negotiations between the two sides to ‎resolve the other ‎subjects will be resumed within a month of the ‎implementation of the ceasefire.‎ After more than seven years of Palestinian division and as a result of the ‎negotiations that took ‎place between Fateh and Hamas, an agreement to ‎end the division was reached. Three files were ‎submitted to the ‎reconciliation committee. The first addressed the formation of a national ‎‎technocrat government with all details related to its implementation and ‎tasks. According to the ‎agreement, a national unity government was ‎formed which was favorably received on the local, ‎regional and ‎international levels. The second file is related to the PLO Committee, all ‎subjects ‎pertaining to the reformation of the Palestinian National Council ‎‎(PNC) and the tasks related to the ‎PLO Committee as a temporary frame ‎of a leadership for the Palestinian people. The third file ‎discusses the ‎Presidential and PLC elections defining their dates, principles and the ‎bases on which ‎they will be conducted.‎