Waste Water Collection System and Treatment Plant For South Tubas

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Daraghmeh, Basheer
Abu Farha, Maram
Sawaftah, Rawan
Abu Ghazaleh, Noor
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Tubas is located in the north – eastern part of the West Bank;its terrains vary with some high lands and hills. The total population (census) 21431 capita, from the (PCBS) 2017. Currently a waste water collection and a treatment plantare under construction to serve north Tubas city. It is expected in 2019 that the sewage system serving north tubas will be put in operation. South Tubas is not to be served by the waste water network due to gravity reasons;the objectives of this project are to design a new sewage network and a conceptual treatment plant for south Tubas and Tammunvillage in order to reduce pollution in these areas. The aspects for the project include study the project area, design the sewage collection network and conceptual design of a waste water treatment system to treat the collected sewage. Mainly, cesspits are used and emptied by private tankers for sewage; these are disposed of into nearby Wadis or near the sides of the roads.It is basically earth or concrete holes allowing waste water to infiltrate into the ground. A feasibility study has been done for south Tubas, Al Far'a area, Talluza, Tammun, Al Badan, AsiraAlshamalyaand other small communities. In this project the part of south Tubas and Tammun village will be considered.