Children's Creativity Center

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The Child Creativity Center is a center that targets the creative child, provides a special environment for children, and develops their talents, abilities and development. The proposed area for the establishment of this center is the eastern region in the Boulevard proposal from the municipality of Nablus. After analyzing the required area: 14 were used for the center and 4 as an urban area. The rest was used as spaces for children and terraces for various activities related to the development of abilities and talents. Initially, the project spaces were distributed according to the different creative aspects (artistic creativity, creative creativity, cognitive creativity, social creativity, scientific creativity). The spaces consisted of classes, halls, and workshops that expressed their creativity. technology and multimedia. The center also contains workshops on handicrafts, art workshops, ceramics and art. There is also a large cafeteria that accommodates celebrations, birthdays and various festivals. The center achieves social interaction between children on the one hand and the outside community on the other hand, through the creative middle space. There are recreational games and small terraces to achieve communication and interaction between the children of the center itself. All this serves social interaction at the community level and children throughout the city. The materials used in the construction are concrete bricks, white chalk and white covering. For the large canopy over the entire project, a canopy is designed to embrace the project and provide a suitable environment for the child in the open spaces and create colorful shadows and shapes on the floor due to the color branches and glass panels used in the design. The center's working hours are after school, on weekends, and on summer and annual holidays