Carbon Solar Cooling system

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AbdulRaheem Dmiadi
Imad Alawneh
Raed Zedan
Abdul malik Saffarini
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In general, the search for alternative source of energy has become a global trend. So, its very important to look for a new way to take advantage of the renewable energy sources. So, in our field its very important to look for a way to decrease the consumption of electricity and oil, and make an environmental friendly devicewhich can help us to use the sun as a renewable energy source, in many applications. The compression condensation device or the refrigerator, works by consuming electricity to operate the compressor and run the system. Imagine the number of refrigerators in the world that run by electricity. So, its very important to looks for the device that offer the cooling load without using electricity. Which by the way it will decrease the consumption of electricity. The system that use the sun to run refrigeration system is the solar adsorption system. Which use (methanol activated carbon) as a working pairs. The methanol is the refrigerant as in the refrigerator.  The system consists of solar collectors, concentrators, adsorbent bed, condenser and evaporator. How the system works? briefly-, during the daylight the solar collector absorbs the sun rays, and transfer it to the adsorbent bed where the activated carbon is, the activated carbon saturated with methanol, so, as the temperature of the activated  carbon increase, the methanol starts to evaporate and condensed and collected in a reservoir  which is the evaporator. During the knight the activated carbon starts to absorb methanol, so the methanol that collected in the evaporator in the liquid phase- starts to evaporate, so, it will absorb all the heat which surrounded by.