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Nassar, Raheeq
Mabrouk, Nardeen
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Each of us strives to achieve a certain goal in his life and making utmost effort and time, there is no place for fun or have a rest during all of this, but at the end we are human, we need for recreation ourselves even with something simple like a game or puzzle. Our idea begins here, we think about something simple, don’t waste time, and something funny, easy to keep it anywhere, so we thought of a game which can give you the appropriate amount of fun and challenge. Our game take into account giving enough entertainment, challenge, concentration and memory power. We produced a Brain Training Game that contains some of artificial intelligence which enables the player to enhance the way he use his skills on strategy and planning, the better he do, the better he show his skills in planning his life. These days, anyone can make a video game with a bit of elbow grease and perseverance. Of course, that doesn’t mean game development is easy. In ancient times, simple game take a lot of effort and time to make it look and feel good. But nowadays the development tools for the game can make a game that one year may require six month or faster. We have looked in this area and we got the names of a number of programs and libraries can help us in this work, including Android Studio, Photoshop, Unity, Scratch and Libgdx library, and at the end we found that Unity will give us the required functionalities we need to build our game and we use it here. The game is a snowball going in a given path surrounded by water and snow from all directions and the ball cut the track until it reach the exact location which is a home designed especially for the ball, the game is consists of 3 levels : First level: Easy In this level the path that the ball have to walk is cut in a specific place and it have to pull up the funds to fill the place of cut during a certain time. Second level: Moderate This level is same to the previous but with additional moving - ball which is moving on a regular basis, and the snowball must not hit it. Third level: Hard In this level there is additional unmoving boxes surrounding the ball home, so the ball have to enter its home from one direction. In all three levels the ball have to not exceed the giving time. There is two version of this game: Desktop version: The player will use the keyboard to control the ball by the arrows. Mobile version: The player will use the touch screen to control the ball by tap the arrows appear on the screen.