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Yaseen, Aya
Jaber, Saja
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A sorting system, is a computer-controlled machine for depositing, sorting, storing, and counting parcels. This project is good for saving time and reducing labor costs in the tasks of sorting parcels according to the governorates to which they are sent based on barcode reading. Where the delivery companies need to sort the goods, which requires time and effort. Moreover, it can also be used in factories. Therefore, this project can help workers save their time and reduce effort. In this project, we create an initial design for a sorting machine that can be developed into a commercial system; We will focus on system simplicity and cost savings. The design contains a conveyor belt with 7 gates 6 of them distributed 3, 3 on its sides, each one was assigned to a specific government's parcels, and the 7th one at the end of the path for the parcels in which there is a problem, either not specified the governorate number or it's not within the specified governorates . The design also contains an ultrasound sensor to check if their a packet on the belt or not and based on that , it changes the machine state and an ESP8266 "MCU Node" to create a website to show the machine state (on/off )and show the number of all packages and the number of them for each city. The reason is that the automated systems available in the market are complex, heavy, and expensive. The prototype control system is based on an Arduino with a computer and commands can be entered from the Arduino's serial input for sorting