The blind Eye

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Alaa Omar
Rana Diab
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AbstractAs the technology is advancing day to day, the human machine interaction has become a must in our daily life. The interference has progressively become more important and advanced in order to ease the interaction process of the user and provide friendly operation. There are a few advanced technologies which are now accessible in the market to cater the needs, yet they have their own particular drawbacks, thus one of the efficient solutions is to use an embedded system. The main aim of our project is to help blind and visually impaired people to walk and find the right direction without people help by using electronic and communication aidThe project  consists of an innovative  design of an Ultrasonic Navigation system in order to provide fully automatic obstacle avoidance with audible notification for blind pedestrians, which is represented by two vibration motors are put on the hand. The project consists of three ultrasonic sensors are connected on stick ,one of them is put at  the bottom of the stick and the other is at the top  , these two ultrasonic measure the distance between the blind and obstacles in front of him , if there barrier closed to him  ,an indication will be given by vibration motor, and the third sensor is put close to first sensor to distinguish stairs. The second part of the project is  to give information  about the location of the blind and make it easy to find him if he lost by using GPS which detect blind location and GSM to send a message to his family and specialized numbers in emergency case. These units  take the instruction through a microcontroller located inside the stick. The third part of the project is to avoid water holes by using simple water sensor which is put in the bottom of the stick 
  .  (Ultrasonic Sensor ) (Vibrating motors) . (GPS) (GSM). (Arduino) . (Buzzer ).