Structural Analysis and Design of Multi-functional Building for Gravity and Seismic Loads

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Anwar.N. Zaareer
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Since we have a continues evolution in systems of construction and materials science, that has resulted in a great diversity of systems used in the construction of concrete buildings, including solid slab systems and ribbed slab system as a mostly used in Arab world, and many other systems. This project is a completion of our first graduation project for the civil engineering department of al Najah national university it's about the study , analysis and design of a constructed multi-functional building, located in Ramallah, with an estimated area of 3868.13 square meters. Consisting of nine floors, including three basement floors , where the first basement floor is a parking lot, the other two basement's with ground and first floor are for storage purpose , the rest of floors are residential apartments, where each floor consist of two apartments.  Building was designed in the first project using Ribbed slab system and then turned it into Solid slab system to be designed for seismic forces in this project. Solid slab system with drop beams was taking in consideration to be solved for seismic here in this project, since ribbed slab is not proper enough according to:          Safety         Complicity         Cost Structural models will be analyzed and designed by using (SAP2000),Safe-14, AutoCAD is going to be used in drawing sections and details. The Structural element will be designed as reinforced concrete members according to strength and serviceability criteria as specified in (ACI318-11). For seismic design IBC 2012, UBC97 will be used. In order to have an optimum results by using SAP and other structural program the three dimensional model will be used to represent the reality as close as possible. Like any software program the results that has been taken must be checked .thus, a hand calculations had been done on the model and make a comparison between SAP and hand calculations results. However, the results will be reliable and logical if the difference is small and acceptable.
. : Solid slab system Ribbed slab system     ( ) () . ( ) : UBC-97 IBC-2012 9 .