The Design of Water And Wastewater Networks For Qilqis

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Amer Mutlak Zalloum
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Hebron is considered the largest Governorate of West Bank. It is located in the southern part of the West Bank. Recently, Hebron Municipality decided to add new areas to its service area. Some of these areas are located to the south of the city and include the following: Qilqis, Khalet Edar and Wade Elsamen. Residents of these areas suffer from a huge gap in the infrastructure which includes a proper drinking water network and a proper wastewater collection system. Therefore, it is decided to design a water network and a wastewater collection system for one area from these areas which is Qilqis. In this way, we will be helping people in avoiding the effort of bringing and buying water from tankers brought by trucks and also helping in reducing the environmental effects that result from the people usage of septic tanks next to their houses, and helping people to remain  in their homeland against the expansion of Bieat Hagaii settlement near  Qilqis. The project will cover the full design of a clean water network that will serve Qilqis area, in addition to the design of proper wastewater collection system. The main objective of this project is to develop a full design of a water network system and a wastewater collection system for Qilqis which is in great need for such systems. The wastewater collection system for Qilqis will reduce the environmental effects that have been growing and threatening public health since this  region do not have wastewater collection systems till today. Moreover this will help to improve the socio-economic conditions of the people living in this region by reducing the cost of disposal of wastewater and also the supply of drinking water. This project started by collecting data about the region and the data was analyzed including the topography of the region. Moreover the population in this region was studied and predict how the future population is going to be in order to predict the future demand and production that the networks was designed for. All of these were done carefully in order to meet the design criteria of the Palestinian Water Authority and Hebron Municipality. The design and hydraulic analyses of the water network were performed using WaterCAD program which allowed (in addition to full design of the network) to study different alternatives and scenarios of the network by changing diameters and the distribution of junctions in order to get the most suitable and economical network that satisfies the requirements of Palestinian Water Authority. Concerning the design of the wastewater collection system, SewerCAD program was used in the design, but first of all the topography of the region which is the most important element in the design was studied and then the distributing of the manholes was started to serve region.  In addition other programs were used to help in the design such as GIS and AutuCad. Finally this project was done for this region of south of Hebron and eventually it seeking to help people and the community to stay in their land under proper socio-economic conditions.  
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