Military Training College

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Abu- Farha, Inas
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About the project : The military college is an institution or acollege of Higher Education for the theoretical and practical military education of students. The importance of its existence comes after studying the needs of the local community in the military field, and because of the lack of such educational institutions in Palestine, but there is only Al-ISTIQLAL UNIVERSITY in Jericho Thus, we need a leading military academy in the Security and military sciences, which provides academic education ,technical and military training, and meets the needs of the national security cadres who are scientifically and professionally qualified. The project is located in the western south region of Tubas , near the southern entrance to it, on the main street, which reaches Tubas in Fara. The project idea is based on: * Divide the site into two axes so that the first goes with the four basic directions and the second towards the Qiblah. *Using the grid system and following the Repetition method to reflect the nature of the project that is based on the order and ranking. *Align with the contour lines of the land and distribute the buildings on them in a manner suitable to create horizontal areas and thus overcome the problem of the contouring.