Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 3‎

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
The period between Sept. 14, 2003 and Nov. 15, 2003 witnessed several ‎developments on the ‎Palestinian political arena. Among these was the ‎formation of a wide government at the end of ‎the legal period given to ‎the emergency government which was formed in October following the ‎‎failure of several attempts to form a wide (regular) government. ‎Declaring the formation of an ‎emergency government bequeathed a wide ‎dispute concerning the use and the reasons of its ‎formation. Further, a ‎new political accord was reached at, after negotiations described by some ‎‎as being secret, between Palestinian and Israeli activists. The accord is ‎known as the ‎Geneva/Swiss Accord. This Accord laid the foundation for ‎a solution, as envisioned by its ‎designers, that would put an end to the ‎conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis.‎ During the period targeted by this poll, the Israeli military excursions in ‎Palestinian villages, ‎refugee camps and cities continued, killing and ‎torturing Palestinians such as what happened in ‎Rafah, Jennine and ‎other localities.‎ Palestinian factions continued their operations such as the Ein Yabroud ‎‎(near Ramallah) ‎operation. ‎ Still, there are Palestinian and Arab endeavors to convince some of the ‎Palestinian factions to ‎accept a truce in which all these factions will give ‎up military resistance against occupation. Such ‎endeavors seem to have ‎come to fruition, Hamas showed readiness to accept a truce in return for ‎‎some conditions, the most important of these is to relieve both sides of ‎the agonies of their ‎struggle. ‎