Design Of Water Distribution Network For Noorshams

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Hamza Raid Tayyah
Sami Mazen Ismail
Mohammad Rasheed Ghaneem
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Theres no doubt that water is important,  Not only humans use it every day, but every living thing needs it to live.  It covers two thirds  of the Earth and the human body consisting of 75 percent of it. water is very important for life. water affects all aspects of life as for agriculture, industrial, and commercial, etc Water is essential to sustain life, and satisfactory, adequate, safe and accessible supply must be available to all. Improving access to safe drinking-water can result in tangible benefits to health. Based on the above, water is the most important thing in our life for all human activities, but here in Palestine We are suffering from a major problem in the water especially by the Israeli occupation, which extend its control over most of the water sources. And also we have problems in our water distribution networks due to high leakage of water and wear networks and lake of maintenance, especially here in Noorshams camp, so we aim to reduce these problems. Since the 1967 Until now Israel has full control on the natural resources in the West Bank including water, most of the Palestinian groundwater resources from the West Bank are stolen by Israel and the Israeli settlements, causing water shortage for the Palestinian, the size of this problem may be best illustrated by noting that the total available groundwater in Israel and the Palestine is 1,209 million cubic meters (MCM)/ year, 1,046 MCM/ year is  used by the Israelis, while the Palestinians are permitted to use only 259 MCM / year.