The Effect of Using Current Events Teaching Method on the Achievement of Primary 10th Graders in Patriotic & Social Education and Related Attitudes

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Ali Al Kassab
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The purpose of the present study was to identify the effect of using current event teachi9ng method on the achievement of primary 10 grade students in the patriotic and Social Studies and their attitudes. Sample (N=81) consisted of all students attending the primary 10th grade level at AL Hussein Comprehensive Boy Secondary School within Amman First Directorate of Education during the academic year( 2011-2012). Participants were randomly assigned to control and experimental groups. For statistical treatment, the researcher used means, standard deviations, and T-test to verify valence of the two groups in the study. In addition, multiple ANCOVA, and Kuder-Richardson (KR-20) to calculate reliability of the achievement test. Results showed statistically significant differences attributed to group effect on all posttest levels in favor of the experimental group, with high mean estimate score. The researcher recommends motivating teachers to use current events in their teaching by holding training courses for them supervised by specialists from the education colleges at the Jordanian universities.