Towards humane Public Spaces in Nablus Downtown, a study Inspired by San Diego experience

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Ibraheem, Fanan
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جامعة النجاح الوطنية
Most of our Palestinian cities have their own places that are called "Downtowns", while it is in fact, just a large cluster of high buildings dotted across the center of the city with high density of forbidden transportation such as cars. Nablus considered as one of these important cities. This historic city characterized by its own buildings’ types and urban spaces, is no longer able to meet people`s needs. Because of lack of attention, change many of its spaces image and the disappearing of the others, without any creation of a new alternative. The study main problem is about the understanding of what people need in their surrounding environment, in order to help designers to create better public urban spaces for those users. it provides guidelines of creating human public spaces in Nablus downtown by studying and understanding the successful experience in downtown San Diego. It explores San Diego Downtown, their successful public spaces for public life, their urban design framework, their development strategies of the city life and their guiding principles in forming the city's open spaces system. On the other hand, the study analyzes and evaluate the urban transformation of the public spaces in Nablus city in general, and for the Downtown in specific. It also identifies different factors and roles that effect the public spaces there. It presents a comparative study between the data collection for both cities in order to understand the ideal strategy has been done in the creation of public spaces in San Diego Downtown, and to understand how to create better public spaces in Nablus Downtown. And finally offers ideals suggestion strategies for alternatives in shaping and designing Nablus Downtown Public spaces