Job Satisfaction and Influential Factors in Academic Members in Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at AnNajah National University

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Ahmad Hamdan
Mohamad Jodeh
Nevin Rehan
Abdelatef abu eisheh
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Objective: the objective of this study was to know the level of job satisfaction among teachers working in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at An-Najah National University. Method: this study is quantitative cross-sectional design non-probability sampling (convenience) sample method was used self-administered structured questionnaire that deliver by hand used to collect data from participant, and the number of participants in this research (92), and the number of males (61), and females (31). Study Result: Showed from the analysis that, the level of job satisfaction of teachers in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences was, a half moderate satisfaction (63%). This percentage is good, and the most factors that has affect the job satisfaction was the salary. Conclusion: Health associated careers are different than any other professions; the key difference is that the workers in these professions are under tremendous pressure from their work and environment. The material factors are related to salary and job security, and it is quality obvious that wages are lower than what these workers are expecting. The internal or mental satisfaction is related to the source of dissatisfaction between the academic member and management, this is another source of low job satisfaction depend on the result.