System analysis, Risk assessment, Website, and Mobile Application design for Nablus Municipality Public Library

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Diala Sarrawi
Tala Awadeh
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Project topic: System analysis, Risk assessment, Website, and Mobile Application design for Nablus Municipality Public Library. English Abstract : Nablus Municipality Library is an old library that was created in 1960 in the city of Nablus. The library has witnessed several generations and went through many changes, but it’s still as important, and still recognized as a historical place. Therefore, we wanted to provide services to the library to develop it technologically and reduce the problems in its current systems to maintain its level in development and global competition. The system was analyzed and an attempt was made to develop plans to avoid risks without any damage, or at least in the least damage, from the analysis and risk plans, the problems in the library systems were discovered, which can be solved in several ways, the most important of which is the creation of a website that includes the solution to most of the problems in The library, which includes: problems with data entery into the system, and problems in with the library being behind with technological development, and the problem of converting a large percentage of readers to electronic reading and their preference for electronic books, and the problem that carries the greatest weight in the library is the lack of financial support for the development of the library, which depends heavily on the financial and economic situation. After creating the website, the library pioneers can now view the books and classifications in the library, borrow or reserve a book, find audio books, find books that can be downloaded to the device or mobile phone to read electronically, and donate to the library. With money or books for those who want that, and find information about the library, its systems, services, conditions for borrowing membership, etc., and they can also apply for a request for membership, participate in activities that take place inside the library, and finally apply for an application to create an event inside the library, and the library will be the official sponsor of these events. In addition to the website, a phone application was designed as a future proposal for an archive application for the books inside the library, through which the library visitors can read the books in the library through their phone, with the ease of tracking where the reader accessed the reading and download books to their phone. Thus, the library was developed, its heritage and history preserved, and risks that could affect its work were reduced. Diala Sarrawi 11926834 Tala Awadeh 11925089