Techno Economic Analysis ofOn Grid PV System inAN Najah University Hospital

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Hiba Abu Issa
Dania Alabed
Baraa Surakji
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 There has, in recent years, been a huge movement worldwide, to using a renewable energy for both residential and commercial use. Since the solar energy is the most important renewable energy sources, the efforts of many countries go to various images and monitor them the necessary funds to develop the fields and research for the exploitation of solar energy as one of the most important alternative energy sources for oil and gas.            This source is the hope of developing countries in the development so the most promising technologies are investing solar energy and converts it into electrical energy. A strategic energy as the source of energy future will have the greatest impact in the conservation of traditional energy sources.                    This is the reason for our choice of the graduation project. We need to pay attention to what our country is blessed Palestine from renewable energy sources. And now Authority strategy in Palestine suggests that by 2020 10% of the total our consumption will be from renewable source (130MW from solar energy). So we need to focus research and studies on this area.                                      We will show in our research An-Najah university hospital step in using a solar energy and convert it into electrical power.and we will show our calculation of area and a components that are needed to supply a part of hospital loads,  also we design a software program to size any on grid system.                  But before all this we studied solar cells and types of PV system and  we also studied  a pv on grid system component.