Beautiful Times Machine i

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Mahmoud, Horia
Nasser, Shihnaz
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Beautiful Times Machine is a machine for catching toys, using a moving robotic crane controlled by Joystick , that controls the claws movement in three dimensions up down left or right, to help the player to catch the toy he/she chose. Or he/she can play wirelessly using a Bluetooth application on a mobile phone. We used Arduino-Mega to control claws movements. The player will play for a specified time depending on the coin that he/she entered.For example ,if a player enters 1 Shekel then he/she plays for 1.5 minutes,and if he/she enters 2 Shekels then he will play for 2.5 minutes, ,the more money the player enter the more time that he/she plays,once his/her time is up then the he/she will lose the control ability. Beautiful Times Machine is an entertainment game that can be used in parks ,moles ,or places where there are children; not only children, adults,and the elderly can play and have fun.It gives you a feeling of a challenge to have a toy or candy, feeling of happiness, and keep trying; that is why we named it “Beautiful Times Machine” as it gives us beautiful times that reminds us of our childhood .