Simulation of PV Powered RO System for Spring Water Treatment: Ain Shraish in Nablus as a Case Study.

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Zaki, Raghad
Salem, Noor
Nasir, Leen
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Water and energy problem are the main issue that world suffer from it and tried to find sustainable solution for it .Palestine is one of country that have these problems because of Israeli occupation and their tough policy in water and energy sectors. One of the solutions of water problem is to exploitation of spring water where it considers as undrinkable water. in addition, in winter season water level is overflow which cause a flood in the streets. To solve this problem desalination technology is used and in this system a reverse osmosis technology is used which is powered by solar energy and it is a sustainable solution for electricity problem in rare area. Where one stage and one pass with ECO PLATINUM 440 which is Spiral-Wound element with polyamide thin-film composite membrane driven by 11 watt high pressure pump powered by 50 watt PV panel, the result was feasible in some of months and the other was not and it depend in the amount of the solar radiation because there is no storage system in the system. In this work a simple study is done for as a sustainable solution for water and energy issues also for spring excess water. Reverse Osmosis Powered by PV has been designed as a portable device Using WAVE and SAM software were the performance during the year and various environmental conditions have been studied in order to determine the optimal case of this device and the produced water flow rate with the power of the pump where the device covered only the required flow rate only in the summer months and also DC pump could be directly coupled with PV panel but with attention to the DC voltage otherwise controller preferred to be used and if there is some excess power UV Purification can be used to benefit from it. This device has several characteristic whereas it is environmentally friendly, economical and easy to use.