Application of Internet of robotic things

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Zebdeh, Aws
Sa’abneh, Raghib
Snouber, Sohaib
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This project report describes the robot had been built using raspberry pi 3 model B+ microcontroller and how it can be controlled and powered in the main tuning condition. Also, in this project internet of robotic things technology had been used to implement our vision on our robot, it was controlled from a cloud platform, to move it or to get some objectives transferred from allocation to another with an access on the camera mounted on it, and the user had been able to reach safety movement restrictions, like the horn or the ultrasonic sensor which indicates if it’s safe to move or not even if the user cannot see from the camera. So, the microcontroller had been used to control servo motors, DC motors, stepper and to monitor system of different sensors. Webpage and control page of Robot will be built using Java tools, HTML, CSS and PHP. And PHP will be used to send the command to the microcontroller over the cloud.