Design of Public Transportation Terminals for the City of Nablus

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Eman Abdul Jabbar Neirat
Bilal Jamal Zbaidia
Haitham Al Zeer
Maram Sameeh Abu Ajeeneh
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  Congestion problems are mainly caused by the heavy traffic on the major corridors that convey traffic to the center of the Nablus City and other parts of the CBD area. This congestion leads to many other problems include excessive delays, pollution and safety aspects. A suggested solution is to transfer the main public transportation terminals into other parts of the city away from the CBD area.           This project aims to design these terminals in the new places. The first step was to collect data about public transportation in the city. Then use this data to plan for the new terminals and design them. Planning terminals include determining the number of spaces needed in each terminal.  Either for internal or external lines. After determining the needed spaces , the entrances and exits were located for both terminals in manner that minimizing the effect on the surrounding traffic. Other facilities were also provided than the public transportation like the park and ride facility and the public services buildings. The chosen configuration in the terminal depends on the time headway. The linear one was chosen for internal and the angular for the external. After designing the space arrangement and circulation the pavement was designed. The layers thicknesses were 14 cm asphalt and 20 cm base coarse. Then the cut and fill quantities were determined for both terminals. The final step in this project was the cost estimate. The western terminal cost about 3 million Dollars and the Eastern cost 2 million.