TakeAway Taxi

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Doaa Zalmout
Asma Hanbali
Azhar Dibie
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TakeAway Taxi is a Mobile application that provide services to passengers and taxi drivers .The TakeAway Taxi connects between passengers and taxi drivers using GPS system and enable passengers to order a taxi with their Smartphone .The application show to passengers nearby taxies to his location .The project has two parts the first one is an application run on mobile device and the second is a server on MySQL server.The importance of this application is managing passengers' booking in quick and easy way with shortest time possible without any need for third party to do this work. This project also allows passengers to stay in control with this real-time mobile application by tracking their rides on the way to their locations and by notifying drivers that there exists a request. The main objectives of this project are showing the nearby taxies to user location on map and enable user to order a taxi and tracking the arrival of the taxi.We will develop this application in order to work on mobile devices so we will mobile development language and for server part we will use PHP.