Women Empowerment Center

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بيسان ابو خليل
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The project mainly embraces women and girls who are victims of domestic violence or mothers who have no breadwinner or a place to live. The main idea of the project revolved around empowering this group socially and economically within a small community to be able, at a certain stage, to go out to the larger community and easily integrate with people outside the center and be self-reliant. Where I divided the project into several areas in which privacy ranges from public to private, separating them with squares to ensure privacy for the group of women that may be threatened with murder and not to deprive the rest of the groups of their exit and mixing with society. The project included an area that I worked on on the economic side, which included private and public workshops To teach women crafts such as cooking, embroidery, etc., and shops were built to sell these products. In parallel, I worked on the social side by including a complete social and psychological rehabilitation team that evaluates the situation of these women to know their location in the project to ensure that they receive all the necessary services for them. The project included a residential area in which I worked on the availability of closed and interactive indoor spaces to ensure security and privacy for these women and encourage them to cooperate and talk to each other and to move away from the isolation that this group tends to have mostly. Work has been done at the level of housing units on the coexistence of more than one woman in the unit. Individual housing has been provided for some cases that need housing that is not shared with the rest of the women in the center, and work will be done to rehabilitate them socially so that they can move at a certain stage to group housing. At the end of the road, these women will emerge from the center socially and economically empowered, able to fully rely on themselves, face society and integrate with it easily