The Level of Statistical Thinking amongst Students of the Faculty of Educational Sciences/ Unrwa in the Light of Some Variables

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Ferial Abu Awwad
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This study aimed to investigate the degree of acquiring statistical thinking skills amongst students of the Faculty of Educational Sciences -UNRWA in the light of the variables: the student’s specialization in high school (scientific stream, literary stream), his or her grade in the statistics course in the faculty and his or her GPA. For the purpose of conducting the study, a statistical thinking test consisting of (40) multiple choice items has been designed. The test covered four skills or domains. The test was administered to a sample of (145) students of the class teacher specialization. The results showed that the degree of acquiring the statistical thinking skills amongst students was moderate. The results also showed that there were statistically significant differences between scientific and literary stream students as with regards to their descriptive statistical thinking, proportional statistical thinking and graphical statistical thinking in favor of the scientific stream students. Results also showed a positive statistically significant correlation between the student’s accumulative academic achievement in the faculty and their grades in statistics course and their accumulative grades on the descriptive, graphical skills and the whole test of statistical thinking.