Mobile access to fixed-line system

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Mostafa Basheer
Diaa Badawi
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MOBILE ACCESS TO FIX LINE SYSTEM Offloading has become an interesting topic in telecommunications in the recent years prompted by seeking solutions for data traffic aggression and the inadequacy of bandwidth in wireless telecommunication. In this report, we present our work: mobile to-fixed line offloading. The objective of this work is to implement software that performs offloading signaling process from the mobile network to the fixed-line network by creating an integrated environment in which an end-user application communicates with the operators switching system. Based on the users queries, the operator carries out offloading to the targeted fixed-line destination. We carried out this work by programming software for the users that enables them of activating/ deactivating this service as well as adding/deleting targeted points anytime they wish to do so with a need for having internet access at the time. We present in detail the limits of this work. Moreover, we present general knowledge about offloading and its types and other knowledge that is essential in order to carry out offloading. We show results obtained by this work and discuss them. Furthermore, we state our ongoing work in bid of improving and developing this work. Finally, we have our conclusion for this work.
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