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Eco Village_____ The project is an /agricultural village\ located in Jordan Valley, in the northern region of Tubas, with an area of (350 acres). *** The project carries a national challenge and a geopolitical dimension as it tends to expand urbanization in areas called Area C under the 1994 Oslo Agreement between the Palestinian Authority and the Zionist occupation. And especially in the northern Jordan Valley areas. Why was this area chosen for the study (Site Selection criteria): 1. The danger of the occupation state taking over the valley completely and annexing it under Zionist occupation. 2. Confronting the encroachment of settlements and the resettlement of homes and stabilizing the Palestinian population in The Jordan Valley. 3. The limited land available to the Palestinians as a result of occupation measures aimed at fragmenting the West Bank. 4. The West Bank is divided into regions that are geographically separated, so the Jordan Valley is the largest reserve in the land To the West Bank. 5. The historical, regional, religious, political, and tourism importance of the Jordan Valley. 6. The abundance of land suitable for agricultural use and the availability of water in the Jordan Valley. 7. The high potential for urban, economic and industrial development in the Jordan Valley. 8. The only outlet for the Palestinians to the world. 9. Enabling and developing local expertise in the field of agriculture and culture in this project in this region directing attention to the Jordan Valley locally and internationally. Resistant approach in design: The resistance approach or the counter approach is a special case of the design process where it takes place in conflict zones or disputed areas between two parties, and alternative plans are developed by the two parties. Resistor Design Objectives: Resistive layout aims to: • Control and imposition of power over an area where design, engineering and planning are a tool of subjugation and control. • Establishing the presence on the ground and supporting its citizens with thoughtful plans that take into account the other party to the conflict, its policies and the nature of the current abnormal situation in the region, avoiding many future risks from the exacerbation of many of the problems present at the present time. Resistive layout aims to: • It always gives an opportunity to the right holder to obtain or preserve his right by planning what he owns. • Not to surrender to the status quo and to resist through planning for resources, land and built-up areas in conflict zones and disputed areas. Thus, the planning process in Palestine was in dire need of this type of planning due to the dangers and challenges it faces threatening the Palestinian presence on its land.