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AGRO LIVING ATMOSPHERE is a proposal of a self-sustaining semi urban agricultural neighborhood that presents the future of the agricultural villages in Palestine, and joins the living with work and production under the same roof. Self-sustaining that can make the inhabitants able to sustain from their own work, by growing their own harvests and make living from them either by selling them in the local market or producing new products at the production center, also with the water harvesting systems and storing it for the summer days. Talking about the energy, using solar panels for electric energy, also the eco system of sustainable buildings which reduces the energy demand, also adopting the smart farming strategies like, vertical farms, wet sensors, aquaponics, seasonal green houses, and waste to resource systems. Whilst half of the Palestinian population currently lives in cities, the efficiency of the regenerative systems could reduce a household's dependency on urban living, this would open up a new wave of pre-urbanism and rural development, and open the eye on the Palestinian countryside allowing a more sustainably distributed density of people across the country. This project comes as a redefinition, modernization and development of the expression of (old agricultural structures) , with an innovative and more sophisticated concept, where it forms an integrated, developed sustainable environment for the farming population in the Palestinian countryside, and creates the concept of a semi urban village. Urban inhabitants work hard to pay for their home commodities like, rent, water, energy, heating, cooling and food. so this project adopts an innovative atmosphere that makes homes work for people by producing clean energy, water, food, affordable prices housing, gathered within the perimeter of a semi urban village located in a rural territory.