The Relationship Between Gestational Diabetes and Newborn Birth Outcome Conveniently at Rafidia Hospitals In2016

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Moath Bsharat
Diana Shajarh
Islam Bsharat
Safenaz Yahya
Saja Azim
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Background: Diabetes is the most common complication of pregnancy. Depending on the time of diagnosis, is defined as glucose intolerance with onset during pregnancy, with unknown previous history, gestational diabetes has many consequences on mother and new born, for example mother who develop GDM become higher risk to get type 2 DM(diabetes Miletus) , increased risk to the mother of preeclampsia, preterm delivery, caesarean section delivery, according to its effect on new born its cause large for gestational age, risk of insulin resistance, obesity also GDM but baby at risk for hypoglycemia after delivery. Methods: Analytical retrospective cohort study done by chosen convenient sample consist of all pregnant women with gestational diabetes from Rafidia hospital at 2016 Aim: This Study aim to determine the effect of GDM on new born outcome. Results: The occurrence rate of gestational diabetes in Rafidia hospital in 2016 is 0.02 our study shows that there is no relationship between maternal factor (Method treatment of gestational diabetes and Gestational age at birth) and the newborn birth outcome APGAR score in five minute. but there is a relationship between blood glucose levels to baby in first 24 hours. bilirubin level. & SPO2 level with maternal variables. Conclusion: Our results demonstrated that gestational diabetes has effect on SPO2, bilirubin & glucose level but doesn't has effect on APGAR score.
Gestational diabetes, baby outcome, complications, Insulin.