Western Bus Station of Nablus

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Heba Daraghama
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  Environmentally friendly Bus Station covering an area of 16800 square meters is used to serve the western surrounding cities of Nablus; Jineen, Tulkarm, Qalqelia, three main cities and twenty-one surrounding villages. The Bus station consists of one dropping area, loading area, bus terminal and storage areas.  There are private and public areas throughout the main building, other facilities such as ticketing offices and safety rooms concerning the main purpose of the station, food court, restaurants, rental shops are also included in the design so as to give life to the building though out the whole day. The suggested site is owned by the municipality of Nablus city and is proposed to be a Central Bus Station according to the future plans for the development of the city. The site is located on the west side of the city, and is 2300m away from the city center.  The area is classified as a A-Zone. The site was chosen for several reasons including: Ownership of the land which is owned by the municipality; nominated as a future Central Bus Station for the city future plan; represents a main city entrance from the east side of the city; location between two main roads with almost ready infra structure and a considerably large available area size that suits the expected expansion of the city. The surrounding area is considered to be a new area, not heavily populated and with quiet enough green spaces. The goal was to add a new texture to the area that would easily bond with the surrounding fabric.