Al - Rehan Hospital

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Lubna Khraishi
Jaafar Shehade
Hothayfa Kilani
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 GeneralThis report will discuss the analysis and design of a reinforced concrete structure as graduation project. This structure is Al-Rehan Hospital which is located inRamallah City.A summary of the analysis and design processes of different structural elements in the project will be contained in this report using one and three dimensional structure analysis. The final design output will bedetailed as structural drawings attached as an appendix.The report consists of five main chapters. Chapter one includes the introduction, general description of the structure, loads, materialsand basic structural systems used. Chapter Two: the preliminary design of the different structural elements preformed manually. Chapter Three: a three dimensional analysis of the computerized structure using SAP2000 software.Chapter for: the three dimensional analysis of dynamic loads. Chapter five: the final structural design of the building, in addition to detailed structural drawings in the appendix.Project DescriptionAl-Rehan Hospital consists of eleven floors with a total area of 1730 m2. The first four floors are basement floors. The building is composed of two blocks as shown in Figure 1.1, block A with an area of 1046 m2 and block B with an area of 684 m2.The elevation of each floor is 4 m, and the total height of the building is 44 m. The exterior walls are masonry walls formed of concrete, blocks and stones, while the interior walls are made of hollow concreteblocks. The exterior walls of basement floor B4 and part of the exterior walls of floors B3 and B2 are shear and retaining walls which made of reinforced concrete. The architectural drawings are shown in Appendix A.